Sunday, May 16, 2010

Naughty puggles

No shopping trip = no new card reader = no pictures = another lame post

Today was far from uneventful, however.

It was gloomy this morning, so I had to shorten my walk with the dogs and we still got a little sprinkled on. Soon after we got home, it started to rain for real. Rain like I have never seen anywhere but Florida. So much for cutting the grass. (I was obviously really bummed about that.) Skelly got a little worried about the thunder, but other than that, the dogs were fine and chill all morning even though they had to stay cooped up inside.

At about 3, I took them over to Lauren's house so they could play with her dog Jack while we were out. We went to a baby shower for one of the CSOs in our squadron. It was kind of small, but still lots of fun. We didn't play any games; we just had some finger foods and chatted. It was nice, and I was grateful to know I wasn't leaving my dogs alone on my first day off since Monday.

Until I found out what they had been up to while I was gone.

Mike went to the store to pick up some supplies for a project he was working on in the house, and found TWO giant piles of poop and an ENORMOUS PEE PUDDLE IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS ROOMMATE CHRIS' BED. He doesn't know for sure who did what, but I know that my dogs were involved, if not totally responsible. I feel so embarrassed. It's like getting a call that your kid bit another kid in preschool. Obviously, I hate it when they make messes here or destroy my stuff, but it's so much worse when they do it to someone else.

It's a good thing they're so cute.

In other news, I was pessimistic all day that I would be able to squeeze a run in because of the rain, but the skies brightened just enough as we were driving home.
It was already 6:30 when I got home so I had to run right out. (I made sure the dogs had PLENTY of time outside while I changed my clothes. I didn't want any repeat accidents while I was gone.) I made up a 25 minute playlist not very confident that I would be able to run the whole thing. It was seven songs long, and I was contemplating taking a short walking break after 4 songs. Something made me keep going, though, and I powered through the whole playlist. Yay! It was a good pick-me-up after feeling like somewhat of a failure as a puppy mommy.

My appetite is kind of off from the snacks and cake at the shower, so I'll probably just have something light for dinner and watch a new movie I got from Netflix. Hooray for no work (an hopefully better weather) tomorrow!

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