Sunday, April 19, 2009


Dang. Time has really been flying by recently. Days, weeks, the whole year. I mean, April is more than half over. And I'm still getting used to writing the date as 2009. And it completely blows my mind that we've been in Florida for almost two months.

But even if I do feel sometimes like I'm swimming upstream just to handle the day-to-day stuff and I worry that I'm missing the big picture stuff, I've had a pretty good week. And I'm thankful for that. So "smile" is the title of this scrapbook layout that I finished up the other day, and it's also going to be my word of the week for the upcoming week. I started out this morning kind of cranky after my walk with Skeletor didn't go that well (I kept dropping treats and he kept trying to run out into the road) and Adam didn't want to wake up to go to church. But I'm going to make a conscious effort to dwell on the positive and avoid little funks like that.

p.s. I know other people tag all of the supplies they used on a scrapbook page when they post it, but I'm not really good at keeping track of that and lots of my stuff is more than 3 years old, so that probably won't happen here. I did cut the title from my Slice, my super awesome birthday present from my parents. And I know it's not the best quality. I'm still working on the best way to photograph my pages.

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