Thursday, April 16, 2009

Warning: long and ramble-y

My life is not any more interesting than it was yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that. But somehow, now that I've started my blog, I find myself thinking throughout the day, "I should write about this on my blog." I think part of it is similar to why I like scrapbooking. I want to remember things, big and small, and I want to record something of myself for others to remember. But that's enough soul-searching about why I'm updating again.

Today was an interesting day. Which makes it sound like a bad day, but it wasn't. I had a nice day. In fact, I feel like I had several nice days. It's been the kind of day where looking back on what happened this morning feels like looking back on what happened two or three days ago.
Skeletor (my furry little baby boy and namesake of this blog) and I went on our walk and went about our morning routine (me cleaning up around the house, him passing out on the floor).

Unlike usual, Adam was here this morning, not at work. And we had made intricately detailed plans for our early afternoon. (Which of course means that I made intricately detailed plans
and he agreed). After some extreme coaxing out of bed, our plans actually went off pretty perfectly. We stopped at CVS to get more supplies for his wound, we went on base to play raquetball (where he still completely embarasses me when we try to play a full game), had lunch at Panera and made it on time to my appointment to fill out paperwork for my job at Hallmark.

That's right. I got a job. I'm actually excited. It seems lame for someone with a Bachelor's degree to be excited to be a sales associate at Hallmark, but I've really been craving having obligations outside the house and it's been more than a little depressing to have put out so many applications and have had no one else show any interest. This recession is for real. So
it's been hard, but in some ways it's made me appreciate how lucky Adam and I really are that we're not counting on this job to pay our bills and we're not having to make any big, awful sacrifices.

Back at home we had a few hours to spend together (mostly spent apart, on our computers, but that's what makes us happy). Adam was only partly successful in hanging up our DVD racks. This picture was taken before one screw broke off inside the wall.

Yeah, that's going to be interesting to get out. Based on the amount of throwing stuff that ensued, I'm not necessarily super convinced that we're ready for home ownership. Then again, Skeletor ownership has also resulted in a fair amount of throwing things, and there's no way I would change anything there.

So now Adam is doing a training exercise and I've tried to be productive around the house. "Organizing" old pictures is productive, right?

Well I think that's enough for now. And probably enough for the rest of the week, too, but we'll see if the blogging bug hits again tomorrow. I'll end transmission with a few new photos I've been playing with today. Skelly and I went to release Logan's puppy Apollo from his kennel while Logan was in class with Adam yesterday. I got some awesome pictures of them playing with Wally, who belongs to Carolyn, Logan's roommate.

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