Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adventure of the day

My little boy can't even make it to 9am without an adventure.

(p.s. He slept in his kennel last night. We haven't completely given up on him sleeping in our room, but for now, my sanity is more important than his preferred sleeping schedule. And he really does just fine in the kennel.)

So this morning begins just as normal and average as can be. We're up, eating breakfast and getting ready to go on our walk (me and Skeletor - Adam is still curled up in bed). We head out the door with some mail to leave in the mailbox, but there's a dog standing right there by the mailbox. Seeing Skeletor, it walks over to investigate, and I can see that it doesn't have a collar. A stray. At this point Skeletor is going nuts over the prospect of playing with another dog and there's no way I can handle the two of them alone.

The next hour was pretty funny. I opened the door to the house and called to Adam to wake up and help me. As I'm holding the door open, the stray dog wanders into the house. So confused sleepy Adam helps me herd the dogs back outside and then goes back in to call Animal Control. We then bring the stray out to the front so that if anyone is searching the neighborhood for her they can easily see us, and leave Skelly inside since we don't know how healthy this dog is or how aggressive. Turns out she loves fetch, so we keep her with us by throwing a tennis ball approximately a million times.

After more than 30 minutes, I decided that Skeletor's walk couldn't really be postponed much longer without affecting my plans for the day. We snuck out the back so Skelly wouldn't be too distracted by Adam playing with another dog. Mostly successful. And here's the punchline: while we were gone, a neighbor just strolls up and calls over "Lucy." Apparently, he was kind of hard to understand, but Adam was completely floored that he had been sitting outside with her for almost an hour before this guy made any effort to look for her. And we had called Animal Control because she didn't have a collar with a tag.

Moral of the story: Put a tag and phone number on your dog! A) You should want to be able to be contacted if it runs away and B) it will save a lot of time and trouble for people like us who find it.

Sigh. Plus, this is just further evidence that Skeletor is a magnet for doggy drama. This is not even close to the first time he's saved a "stray." Thank goodness I don't have to go into work until 4pm.

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