Friday, April 24, 2009


Seems like all that I've been writing about lately has been out of the ordinary. Which is weird, because I LOVE ordinary. Routine makes me happy. Also, I got a little jolt this morning that has reminded me of the consequences of losing a routine. So this week I'm trying to dedicate myself to the everyday routine. Everyday decisions, everyday chores, everyday life.

I hope that doesn't make me sound too boring. Because it's not to say that everyday is the same or even that I would want that. Just that there are certain parts of my day and my week that I'm going to fit in, no matter what else is going on. For example: I'm going to go to church. Usually we go Sunday at 11am, but maybe this weekend we're going to go out on Logan's boat. So we might have to go to the Saturday vigil mass. But not going is not an option. Walking Skeletor is on my non-negotiable list, too. Tomorrow I have to be at work at 10am, so I probably won't wake up early enough to take him on our hour long walk before I have to shower and leave. So either we'll go out later in the evening before dinner, or I might split it up and take him out for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes later. We'll see. But we will go on our walk. When I let routine things like these slip by, I start to feel guilty and I miss them.

I've also been working on a bunch of scrapbook pages that I've been meaning to share. I'm not used to the extra step of photographing and cropping them after they've been glued together so I've been collecting layouts in a pile to take pictures. I did manage to get a couple ready.

This first one is my new favorite. Mostly because I LOVE the picture of Skeletor. Otherwise, it's really very simple. Obviously, I've been using my new Slice like crazy. I used it to cut the letters for the title (then I just outlined inside them with a pen) and the scalloped circle

This page is awesome for the story behind it. I ordered a baby bottle of champagne with dinner when we went out for Valentine's Day (just for me, because Adam doesn't like anything with carbonation). It looked like it was just a twist-off cap so Adam tried to be a gentleman and open it for me. After a few minutes of determined twisting, we realized it needed a bottle opener. The title is a reference to Adam's new favorite blog

p.s. I'm still struggling with the pictures of layouts. This page is not nearly as crooked at the photo makes it seem.

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