Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Write Christmas letter...check

Send out Christmas card....check

Feed, walk and play with Skeletor everyday....check

Max out part-time hours at the Hallmark store...check

Buy all Christmas presents...check

Mail all Christmas presents...check

Update blog...

Oh crap.

I'm really embarrassed that this is only my 4th post for December. Yeah, it's been a busy month, but that's not really an excuse. My problem is that I really want to keep my blog updated, but I don't really want to do the updating. This writing part is hard for me. I love looking back and reading what I've written, even if it's not always perfect. I get really frustrated writing, though. My thoughts don't really come out in a logical stream. I'll start in one direction and then jump to the end or go off in another direction entirely.

I'm trying to just accept that that's the way it is, and stop avoiding it. I've found recently that lots of things that I dislike doing are the things that end up giving me the most satisfaction. It's like running. It's tough while I'm doing it, but that's why it feels so good to have finished it.

Considering that this is generally the time of year for making resolutions, I suppose I should now declare my intention to dedicate myself to tackling more tasks that I don't really like in the new year. Here a few related intentions and goals for 2010:

  • continue to blog (shoot for at least 2x per week)
  • tackle some big projects around the house (like cleaning out the garage or extra bedrooms)
  • keep in touch with people (log on to facebook once in awhile, etc.)
  • continue job search
  • keep a positive attitude (How can I ask for more when I've already been given so much?)
  • get credit card balance under control
  • take a trip back to DC
Can you tell I'm excited about that last one? The breeder where we got Skeletor is no longer in business, so we don't really know where to start, but there are plenty of puppies in need of good homes out there. I'm sure we'll be able to find one that fits into our little family OK.

I think I'm going to try to work on a couple scrapbook pages before I head to bed, so I'll leave it here for tonight. I'll try to take some pictures of pages tomorrow before work. I'm struggling to come up with a new/better way of organizing my pictures on my computer, but I'm kind of stuck because I print all of my pictures at home and so I have to work with it's organizing software at least to some extent. Sigh.

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