Monday, December 6, 2010

8 weeks

I really started to feel sick this week. Still nothing bad enough to actually make me throw up, but bad enough to make me skip walking the dogs two mornings in a row (curled up in bed, psyching myself up to go in to work). The rapidly dropping temperatures are not helping things (or making me more eager to get out early to walk the dogs). Also, work has been fairly crazy as we ramp up to the holidays. On Tuesday, we were understaffed, we were supposed to changeover the front of the store, and we got a really big shipment that needed to be checked in. I was really overwhelmed and not feeling good that day. :( At least by the end of the week I seemed to be feeling better.

We're up to a raspberry according to Adam keeps wanting to nibble at my belly because raspberries are so delicious. I'm excited that my mom has found a place and set a date for a baby shower. May is definitely a LONG way out, though. Not much else to report this early on, so I'll just post a weekly picture. I'm wearing the same shirt as the my first (week 4) picture, so it's pretty clear that nothing on the outside is changing yet.

No change in my disheveled hair, but at least I look a little happier about it this week. :)

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