Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bingo babe

I am not nearly hardcore enough for bingo. Me and a few of the CSO ladies went to Mary Esther bingo last night, and we came out sadly empty-handed. Our lungs, however, were filled with a great deal of second hand smoke. :) We had fun being completely clueless and giggly. I'm hoping to get som pictures from Crystal later because I didn't bring my camera.

The action at bingo was pretty intense, so I was hoping for an easy day at work today. Apparently, everyone else in Okaloosa county had the opposite idea, because the store was really busy from like 11:30 on. Jenn and I were the only ones there until 4 and neither of us were even able to take a full lunch break. Generally, though, I'll take a busy day at work over a slow one any time.

After work, I stopped at Target for dog food (my poor puggles would have had no dinner), and then spent the rest of the evening on the phone. I had really psyched myself up for a run before dinner (I had to convince myself after the busy work day that running was a better idea than sitting on the couch), but while I was changing I got a phone call from Adam. I hadn't heard from him since Wednesday. Obviously, we had a lot to talk about and it had gotten completely dark by he time we hung up. Now I'll have to wake up early tomorrow in order to walk the dogs and squeeze in a run before football starts. Definitely worth it, though. Having Adam away gives me more time to fit in my hobbies like blogging and running and gives me more latitude to try stuff in the kitchen, but there is no question that I am a happier Mary when Adam is here.

On a somewhat unrelated note: I think butternut squash is my new favorite food. I'd never had it before tonight and now I'm hooked. It's definitely going
on the shopping list again.

On another unrelated note: This picture of me and Willow is amazing. :)

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