Wednesday, April 7, 2010


OK, I survived the whirlwind past 2 weeks.

Not that it was difficult, just that I've been very busy. First, I was spring cleaning and getting the house ready for guests, and then I was doing my best to be a good hostess and enjoy their company. I, for one, had a really nice week. I hope my guests will agree. :)

We went to the beach.

We went to base and visited the Air Park.

We went to McGuire's for dinner.

We stayed in the next night and made kabobs at home.

And for Easter, we took everyone to the Soundside Club for brunch.

Thankfully, I have today off to do some catching up. The house desperately needs to be tidied and I need to give myself some "me-time" to run and play with paper. I haven't done much scrapbooking recently, but I do still have a stack on my desk that needs to be glued together and finished up. I'll try to find some time for that later today and be back with photos.

Until then, I think I see at least one puggle who sure looks like he could use a belly rub. Here I come, baby boy. :)

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